About us

Who are we?

Owners Angela and Anthony, parents of little Maia. We are Swiss-Portuguese and Swiss respectively and settled in Morocco in 2007. We have a good knowledge of the country, especially in Marrakech. We advise their guests in order for them to appreciate and share the love of Morocco and its culture.

What do we do?

We have owned Riad Clementine since 2007, and oversee everything personally. We are very attached to the character of the boutique hotel and we develop it carefully based on our own concept and personality. Our style is unique. Our visitors are our guests! We anticipate their needs and provide personalized service. Our commitment to quality, comfort, authenticity, detail and decor creates an atmosphere of intimacy, far from a normal hotel.

How do we achieve our goals?

Our company employs several full-time staff recruited with great care. They are all Moroccan and adhere to our concept and values.

How do we do it?

Fair tourism: The hotel industry has not always had a positive impact on local life. We strive to minimize harmful impacts. We ensure that social, cultural, aesthetic and financial benefits return locally. The needs of our guests are met, as well as those of the population and host region as much as possible.

Sustainable Tourism: Each night that is booked through our website generates €1 which is given to “Al Karam Association for the protection of children in a precarious situation” in Marrakech. This institution helps thousands of children annually in residential, institutional or home environments. It includes support for children who are victims of violence, exploitation at work and those living on the street. Al Karam is close to our hearts and we are happy to give them financial support.

Responsible Tourism: Our business is in full compliance with the legal framework for conscious social development and local economic development. We guarantee optimal working conditions and offer fair compensation for our employee/s and partners. We discourage the underground or illegal economy. We take part in the social life of the neighborhood and maintain quality relationships with our neighbors. Our waste is minimized, sorted and adheres to ecological standards.