The riad

Riad History

The house was built in the eighteenth century, in 1880, a hundred meters inside the ocher walls of the twelfth century, in the famous and lively Bab Doukkala. The house has always been inhabited by the family El Belaïdi, which gave it the name of Riad El Belaïdi.

Acquired in 1999, the building was restored in the traditional Moroccan architecture, with the standards of modern hospitality.

To preserve the original architecture, including the large traditional patio with glowing light, the pool was built in the 1st floor terrace.

This rare choice proved to be extremely wise because the pool today enjoys the utmost privacy; the patio is a place to be.

The building became the Riad Clementine in 2002, and it is now situated between the center of the Medina and the new town of Marrakech.

Riad Clementine … a room at Paradise

The word Riad evokes images of the Garden of Eden, the paradise lost. It is a unique experience; the visitors enter a place out of time, out of the world, a paradise on earth.

To stay in the Riad for a few days is a delight. It is a haven of peace, sweetness and beauty which is a protected and privileged location aimed at travelers in search of authenticity and intimacy. Whether you need a getaway, honeymoon, or just need a break… stay here. Escape to where dreams always come true.

Traditional homes built in the medinas, the Riad lurks behind thick walls called adobe mud and are organized around a patio. With the legacy of traditional Persian and Roman settlements, the Arab- Andalusian patio is an inspired oasis. It has trees, greenery and a naturally refreshing fountain. The rooms open to the subtle colors on the bright patio with a delicate scent of orange. Subtle murmurs of the fountain with soft, dim lights. The delicately refined atmosphere is a real delight. From the terrace, you can enjoy the sunset and let yourself be overwhelmed by the emotions the area elicits.

The luxury of the place is outweighed by the beautiful scenery and atmosphere.